Verju is a revolutionary, non-invasive, FDA-approved system for the improvement of cellulite and reduction of fat.  As an expert on Low Level Laser Therapies, Dr. Heskett is the first practitioner in New York City to have the Verju technology.  The first of its kind, Verju uses a patented delivery system to treat the cellulite tissue with a green light, which, unlike red light therapies, is able to focus specifically on the cellulite tissue.  This Low Level Laser Therapy causes pores to be formed in the walls of the fat cell through which trapped puckering lipids (fats) can be released.   This allows the fat cell to return to a smaller size.  Your lymphatic system then transports the contents of the fat cell to the circulation where they can be broken down and eliminated. The result is smoother tissue and circumferential reduction in the treated area

Unlike other therapies, Verju does not remove or destroy the cell.   This allows for better long -term results both for your health and your appearance.  Fat cells themselves are not the enemy- they help in fighting disease and protecting our organs- however, a healthy, small fat cell is optimal for longevity. And when the fat cells in your cellulite layer shrink, dimpling improves.

Treatments are done in 15- minute intervals (30 for both sides of the body), twice a week. Number of total sessions depends on how dense and longstanding your cellulite is and range from 7-14 treatments for most people.

How many treatments will I need? The amount of treatments you require will be determined in your initial consultation.   Most people do a course of 7-14 sessions for optimal results.

When will I start seeing results? Most people will start seeing results by the 4th session.

How often can I get treated? We recommend twice a week for ideal results.

Who can receive this treatment? Verju is safe for ALL skin types

Does it hurt? No. Because the laser is cold means that there is no distinct sensation. IN fact, it can be quite relaxing. The treatment is done while lying down while the laser is placed strategically over your problem area.

Is there downtime? Absolutely none.

How long until I see results? Your results will depend on your healthy lifestyle and lymphatic system.   We recommend exercise and avoiding fatty and toxic substances (like smoking) while undergoing the Verju protocol. In general, lots of water and avoiding alcohol are also good ideas for improving and maintaining your results.

Is it permanent? Unfortunately, Cellulite is a condition that is stimulated by decreased circulation and fluid retention, both things that women experience regularly. Circulation decreases as we age and hormonal fluctuations from teenage years through menopause all impact the perpetuation of cellulite. However, we have found that results can be maintained and even improved over the years by doing simple and affordable maintenance sessions throughout the year.

What areas can I treat? Areas can include legs, abdomen, arms, hips or any area that has cellulite.

Is it safe? Verju received FDA approval in 2013.